In what could be viewed as Alabama coach Nick Saban’s first toe in the water toward no longer being the Alabama coach, Saban has disclosed for the first time publicly that he picked quarterback Drew Brees over quarterback Daunte Culpepper in 2006.
We chose Drew Brees,” Saban told Dan Le Batard of 790 The Ticket in Miami. “I’ve never ever talked about this publicly. . . . That’s the guy we made the first offer to.”
Saban said that Brees failed the physical after Brees and the Dolphins had agreed to terms. Brees had suffered a shoulder injury during the final game of the 2005 regular season.

Beating a dead horse at this point but I guess we were closer to getting Brees than we thought. Of course, Saban could be just trying to snake...i mean sneak his way back into the NFL.

He is not going to be the Cleveland coach.