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you can't convince the utterly delusional from seeing what they want to see no matter what you show them. It's the alcoholic who's the only one in the world who doesn't think he has a drinking problem. Complete obsession convinces your mind into believing anything, no matter how detached from reality it is
and here he said, he didn't believe buttfumble is a franchise qb or said he doesn't think so this year. i like how he changes his tune or like he never said something ha. but buttfumble apparently is a superbowl qb with some weapons. I talked about his career 50 something completiont percentage and how that is average qb material or below and thats bad for an nfl qb and a sign of a qb. And how a superbowl qb needs a definitely higher percentage than that as missed plays result and missed drives result from inconsistent accuracy which that % shows. And as you that % indicates mark buttfumble had some bad inaccurate passes like he seems to do through the season and in games and that one interception was so high and caused by his inaccuracy.