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Thread: Anybody else having This issue (Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10)

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    Tech Anybody else having This issue (Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10)

    So I tend to be comfortable with Internet Explorer in general even though it isn't always stable and will lag on my connection. I upgraded a used laptop I got from Windows Vista to Windows 8 and now on Internet Explorer 10. My problem is I am unable to use the "Enter Button" on my keyboard while typing posts to space down and start a new line of sentencing. Like if I was writing an essay, I would not be able to start a new paragraph because my "Enter Button" won't space down to let me start a new one. It is weird. I am able to still use my "Enter Button" when using Google Chrome so I have adjusted to that but just thought to see if anybody else is having this issue or is there a possible fix for the issue. Thanks.
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    No fix its an ie issue maybe it goes away when we upgrade to vb 5 etc but for now use Firefox. On win8

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