If I am ross I need to think about what makes me the most money. Attendance is big but its not what makes the most money. Its the Dolphins brand that makes me money. I need to do everything in my power to make sure people are excited about the dolphins.

1st we look at the very real possibility that Miami does not get another superbowl with its current stadium. how much money is ross willing to put into it to fix it up? is the city willing to put money into a new stadium (not likely after the marlins deal). a new stadium is a pretty good way to put buts in seats for 1 year but you need to hold them there.

2nd i need a winning product. I told Ireland to get me a QB, now he needs to gat me an exciting receiver in the draft and fa. I also tell him not to even look at OL or DL in the Draft. I want sexy picks. I want people not to say, oh look another 1.

3rd I make sure I'm back on hard knocks. it got people talking


5. Profit...