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Just for a minute, you are Ross, the team owner and not a diehard fan. You have to make decisions for upcoming seasons in regards to player evaluation, attendance, stadium renovations, and general success moving forward.

How would you, as Ross, decide on the future of Jeff Ireland? How do you evaluate him? Past drafts or future moves based on what Ireland has learned over these past years?

I'm just curious as to what makes Ross say Ireland stays or leaves. I think it's a mixture of how past picks have worked out, what Jeff's vision of the future is, and does it mesh with Ross' and Philbin's view of the future.
I was at the game this weekend - flew down from NJ to watch an almost meaningless game against a bad team. The stadium attendance is awful. You can hear yourself breathing - even when the visiting team's offense is in 3rd and long. I don't know where to start. But ok - to drive attendence and build a winner you need team guys and star power. For both of those reasons I re-sign Reggie Bush - the one player with any "draw" that we have. RT will have it as soon as we can put some weapons around him - which takes me to my next set of moves. I'm not a College Football guy but I use at least 4 of those first 5 picks on offensive skill positions. We need a game breaking WR or 2 of them. Another RB that can move the chains and make big plays wouldn't hurt. An athletic TE would be nice. Perhaps we get a Victor Cruz in there somewhere - I don't know. What I do know is that continuing to draft O and D-linemen with our early picks isn't going to fill the stands.