I read the comments Ross made at the event for the film premiere last Saturday night and it makes me wonder a little if ireland is really all that "safe". Ross wants a WINNER... a CHAMPION... PERIOD. He wants the Dolphins to be in their rightful place as a flagship NFL franchise again, and I think he has the background to know if his key CEO is a man who can bring that about.

I think he may have doubts.

ireland simply has a flawed concept of what a football team should be. He is a believer in the dated, obsolete and RIDICULOUS "inside-out", "sneak-n-squeak" win-by-a-last-second-FG, defense-wins-championships kind of football that jj and parcells exemplified.

The greatest Dolphins teams ever (among the greatest in the history of the NFL) had a Hall of Fame QB, FB, and WR. NO acorns there on that offense. Ross cannot have let that escape him.