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Did I say you jared? Surely you want good teachers rewarded and paid well. I was referring to those that turn up in every thread about teachers that say they are overpaid and ridicule the profession. Happens every time. There absolutely is a general disrespect for teachers in this country. So, let's arm them. Make sure to take the cost of the gun, ammo, and training out of their paychecks though!

No you didn't say me, but I am very critical of teachers unions and the way that most educators think. I have three teachers in my immediate family and I tell them all the time regarding the things I disagree with. Teaching is a great profession (I would be happy if my daughters grow up to be educators). But they don't produce capital, get summers off, a pension, great benefits and have tenure. Do I feel sorry for the criticism the profession has had, nope. Does that make me a teacher hater?