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Egnew on tape showed NOTHING that warranted a 3rd round grade.

NOTHING. I know a few draft "guru's on here loved him, i have no idea waht htey saw in a player that doesn't run routes more than 5 yards and weren't slants.

I thought he was horrible on film and as we all can see he isn't just horrible but hes ****ing dumb as ****. A 3rd rounder not making 1 game isn't pathetic, it isn't sad, it isn't his fault. Its the GM and coaches job for thinking that kid is a 3rd round talent when he had 5-6 written all over him.

You don't watch tape. Sorry. Cool, you probably watched a couple of youtube videos on the kid. Far thing from tape. People like to throw around the "I watched game tape" of so and so player to make it sound like they know what they are talking about. You didn't pop a reel into a projector or put a disk in of game tape.