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At the season's outset you were maintaining that Kerley was better than Bess - but now you're singing a different tune, eh? And yeah Hartline is better than Schillens but possibly that's because he's got a much superior QB finally making him better? Don't blame the jest receivers for the ineptitude of Sanchez. And we told you that Tony was unqualified to be an OC, that the success he had here was standing by in '08 and letting David Lee and Henning do their thing and that over 2/3rds of the Dallas's yardage when he was calling plays was generated through their receivers and Todd Haley's designed plays. Hell, we even told you that the supposed OL "guru" couldn't even get that right.

Oh preemptively, before you predictably point out that I said at one point that Tony was better than Rex, I was wrong, marginally wrong but wrong anyway... once Parcells wasn't there to call the plays into his headset it became obvious. Without teams taking knees, they both will have finished with 1 legit winning season in 4, and while Tony has a division championship, Rex has 2 legit postseason wins, so he gets the nod - but just barely. And I did say that Rex was in over his head, that Ozzie Newsome knew what he was doing hiring a position coach over his DC and that Rex was on a Rich Kotite career trajectory from Philly to the NYJ - and the last several years have proven me right there too.

I don't believe I said kerley was better than bess, please find the post and Kerley is not a #1 WR and neither is Bess but kerley has been our #1 weapon all season long which has affected his #s. Kerley should be our 3rd or 4th weapon in the passs game not 1st but thanks to injuries he has been #1 most of the year.

Proven you right? the man has 4 playoff wins and 2 title game apps. How in the world in that delusional little hea dof yours could you think you have possibly been proven right?