So I go to lunch today at work. When I turn my phone on I see I have a voice mail. When I listen to it, it is a gravelly voiced man saying that "unfortunately someone has been using your social security number without your knowledge." So I call the number he left and it turns out it is a ****ing collection agency. I stop her mid-practiced-spill and bitch her out about how ****ed up it is to leave such a misleading voice mail just to get me to call. She then said that she was unaware of what type of message was left and assured me that it would never happen again. But I'm not so sure.

But I posted this for two reasons. If any of you get such a phone call, go through the proper channels first to see if there has been any identity theft. And secondly, does anyone with legal knowledge know if I can make this into some sort of case? I cant believe this is legal to mislead people like this.

Forgive my spelling. This was sent from my phone.