dd defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s name to the list of Jets employees who may be looking to leave. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Pettine has turned down an offer to extend his contract. Absent a new deal, Pettine will become a free agent after the season.
The Jets have a top-10 defense this year, despite having a bottom-two offense.
Unless Pettine is holding out for more money, it’s possible that he has grown weary of laboring in the shadow of coach Rex Ryan, who gets most of the credit for the performance of the team’s defense.
Like the contract of Saints coach Sean Payton, the specific expiration date of Pettine’s deal could become a key factor. If the deal doesn’t end until, say, January 31 and if the Jets opt not to release him before then, Pettine could miss out on other opportunities.
Does he know something about Rex being replaced? About Rex being demoted to his position? Is he just being prudent regarding the possibility, if not likelihood of a wholesale housecleaning by Woody and leveraging his nice qualifications from a postion of strength? Or might he be just fed up with Circus Life?