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wow dude. you are delusional. there is no way in hell you could possibly want to see mark sanchez start another game for the jets. if so then you are a complete masochist. how could you possibly try to argue sanchez is not a bust? he might not be ryan leaf or vernon gholston bust level but he is up there. idc if we made the post season with him. with a better qb we might have actually been in the superbowl one of those seasons.

DISCLAIMER: 99% of jets fans do not feel this way and think mark sanchez sucks
I am not an average fan that blindly follows what the media and fantasy football tell us. Stevie Wonder could see mark Sanchez had no help. Watch the film, it's available. Tell me where he was supposed to succeed? did you see McElroy come in and do similar things? The difference was he took sacks instead of throwing INTs. we still lost, we had no healthy weapons for mark. kerley is a jnice 3rd/4th option, he was his #1 most of the year. he didn't have his 2 top guys and his security blanket most of the year. I want mark Sanchez as our starter week 1 but I want him w/ healthy, quality weapons to get the ball too.

Don't let the D off the hook b/c the O was so bad, the D was far from good despite rankings. We have some isuses to deal w/ but teams get good and bad in a hurry int his league. W/ good moves we'll be a playoff contender again WITH Mark Sanchez as our QB.

99% of Jet fans are idiots and it is a reason I am embarrassed to be associated w/ people like that. We have many smart fans but unfortunately the nitwit loudmoth fans who want everyuone fired b/c of one bad season outnumber the smart ones.

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We know this about the 99% of Jets fans. Hell we've seen most of TGG talk **** about Junc being a homer. Now that's a milestone...
those quotes are from the jet fan versions of posters like vaark, those that do not understand the game. Most average fans don't understand the game. Those average fans would have wanted Eli off the Giants after 2006, Coughling fired after 2006, Bill Cowher fired in the late 90s, Bill Belichick fired after 2000, etc... I'm not an average fan like most of you guys. I understand sometimes it takes patience, teams have down years. if you don't have a Brady or Peyton your team usually goes up and down. Pitt has missed the same aount of postseasons as us in the last 4 years(w/ 2 less playoff wins), should they fire Tomlin? should they trade Ben? the elite one has now led his team to missing 3 of the last 4 postseasons, time to fire Coughlin again? time to trade Eli?