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Funny how fans, analysts and former players are wrong and you are right. That's why I have grown tired of debating you and your unrealistic views.
that's ok, I don't like hoppoing on the bandwagon. These same fans and "experts" are on the rookie QB bandwagons this year, RGIII, Wilson & Luck look really, really good but things change. I don
't hop on and off bandwagons, if those guys take a step back next year I won't say they suck just like after 1 awful season from Mark I won't say he's done. Average fansa nd average, lazy media members see things on the surface. They don't dig for reasons, do you think haveing kerley, Schilens, Gates(who couldn't make your roster of wideouts), Cumberland and reuland are guys any QB can win w/? MAYBE Brady, MAYBE Peyton(in the reg season), who else? He was awful this year but I'm not a bandwagon guy and I know he can play in this league, I know you can win w/ him in this league and that's all I care about.