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It seems weird to me that someone who supposedly looks past stats and watches with his eyes wouldnt find Eli's SF performance impressive. Eli got beat to **** that night. His line got worked all game. Dude got up every time and kept his team in it when most QBs (especially your boy Sanchez) would have gotten happy feet, shriveled up and crumbled.

But hey, keep going by your little fantasy stats there. Ill watch the games with my eyeballs. I think like a coach. You go by fantasy stats.
I didn't say he was awufl but to cite SF as a great game is misleading, he wasn't good against SF and was very lucky for numerous reasons.

he threw TWO passes up for grabes which saw 2 SF DBs collide while trying to pick it them off. that rarely happens and it happeend twice in this game.

Got TWO muffed punts/fumbles that set him up deep in SF territory which led t all their pts the last 3 qtrs.

Had a Bradshaw clear fumble whistled dead late in the 4th which would have set SF up in chip shot range for the win.

He wasn't bad but he didn't carry them, D and STs won that game.