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Trading away Vontae was about more than dollars & cents. It was mostly about his unwillingness to work hard- we all got a glimpse of that. He was not willing to give his all for this staff, so it was better to part ways and aquire a 2nd for him at that moment rather than to have the whole NFL see himtotally regress this season and the Dolphins not be able to get anything for him. True it left us with a void at corner, but i doubt we woulda been any better had Vontae been playing for us this year. Yes, Ireland drafted him in the 1st round and only ended up getting a 2nd rounder out of him, which can be credited as poor drafting on his part (& remember i think Ireland shouldnt be back next year). if Ireland does end up getting fired at season's end, the trade looks even better because it equips our new GM with a load of ammunition to fix this team.... idk, thats just the way i'm looking at things
Well the signs were there with Vontae coming out of college. As for it wouldnt be any better with Vontae then u are saying that Nolan Carrol and the rest of the ilk are better corners and thats just not right at all.
either way now e wasted a 1st round pick just as he wasted 2 seconds on marshall. The worst thing was there were alot of studs right after Vontae got picked. I was never Vontae in the first place but he played well for his time as a dolphin and if people want to act like he is a scrub because he got traded well thats typical