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Thread: WHY does anyone NEED an ASSAULT RIFLE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tylerdolphin View Post
    Thats not true really. If we are talking about distances of 15 feet of less (which is the range youll most likely be defending yourself in) youre talking about a few inches of spread. Sure, its more than nothing, but its not going to turn a bad shot into a hit. I know you are probably pretty good with guns being ex-military and law enforcement, but shotguns arent magic things that turn good shots into bad.

    The point I was trying to make was this...it doesnt take accuracy when shooting a shotgun as compared to shooting a rifle or pistol. The reason was NOT the amount of how far the spread would be, and like u said it is smaller at a shorter distance. Which is exactly proving my point. By comparison, a shotgun vs. .22 cal....a shotgun has knock down/stopping power at almost any place it hits. Whereas the .22 has to be pinpoint accurate to have knock down/stopping power. The point u make by saying the spread pattern is smaller is absolutley correct but it proves my point even moreso. By the pattern staying closer together, it creates more power and more damage where it comes in contact. Plain and simple, more bang for the buck the closer u are with a shotgun. Its like comparing a pocket knife to a big ass sword, with the shotgun being the sword of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Locke View Post
    The difference being shotguns are used for hunting. They were originally used to hunt birds, I believe? In fact, I'm of the opinion that a shotgun is probably more than sufficient for home protection. Anything more than that is unnecessary and, in the case of anyone who lacks combat training, recklessly dangerous.

    I'm not sure how much farther we would have to worry about that process going. If we require anyone who purchases a gun to register it and pass a background check, I think that's pretty all-encompassing. Personally, I would even add a list of anyone diagnosed bipolar or schizophrenic, with someone appearing on that list as ineligible to purchase a gun. I don't see that as impeding anyone's rights. I see that as protecting our law enforcement, as well as civilians...
    It's impeding the rights of the mentally ill. If someone is diagnosed and being treated then I don't think it's justified to strip them of their rights. A lot of bipolar people who take care of themselves can live a normal life. I would be okay with not allowing those people to own sport rifles but still think that there are cases where they may need to have a gun for protection.

    Are you aware of any evidence that supports keeping guns away from people with those disorders as being potentially effective? Seems like that would be a drop in the water compared to all of the gang/drug related deaths.
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