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Ya your right he missed a major need, how could that have happened????? He only drafted the QB in the first round people have been crying for, he drafted a starting RT that could eventually take over at LT if needed, he drafted a RB to fill in for Rbush if he was let go, he drafted depth at DE who played a solid roll for us, he drafted future depth aswell. He also got us a great HC who will bring this team back to repectability. But he missed out on a WR even though R.Mathews looks like there is some pretty good talent there. You know, developing our own but whatever.
So why did he trade up and draft Thomas last year. How does anything your saying justify not trying to get a starting wr? As for the head coach the final say was Ross so Ireland gets no credit for that.
You act like it was impossible to draft a wr earlier and no miller and vernon were not more important and who knows on Matthews but hell ireland liked Cunningham better so go figure