Sunday was, somehow, a new low for the Jets. They lost, again, this time 27-17 to the Chargers. Greg McElroy started, Jeremy Kerley (!) attempted a pass, and San Diego never saw the vaunted wildcat featuring one Tim Tebow.

That's apparently because Tebow "told the coaches he didn't want to be used in any Wildcat personnel," Jane McManus of ESPN New York reports.

In so much as anything can be surprising with the Jets these days, this is pretty shocking: it paints Tebow in the opposite light that we're used to hearing, which is the ultimate team-first guy.

Asked about not being included in the Wildcat Sunday, Tebow said "It just kind of happens."

"It's been disappointing, obviously (the season) didn't go as we thought, as I had hoped," Tebow said. "But sometimes in life you have that. Sometimes you have setbacks and you have to look at them as an opportunity to step back up and keep working and figure out what to do."
Good for Tebow, IMO. He realizes he never got a fair shot on that team even when Sanchez was continuing to suck up the joint week after week. And then they turn to the third string QB in favor of him??? Granted, Tebow may not be a great (or even good) passer, but he at least deserved a chance! Now he's virtually done with the clown show in NY and likely to be in Jacksonville next season.