Darn, I was hoping that Sparano was going to stay there. I get no credit for saying I told you so, since this was an absolute no brainer that he would bring down the Jets.

Jeannette Sparano married an absolute imbecile. The guy has no business whatsoever even being an NFL assistant. This is a guy who somehow got the benefit of getting into the "flow" of the NFL world and got elevated to positions as a result of knowing the right people. He was a gopher for the likes of Bill Parcells and Coughlin who liked his effort. But effort never overcomes lack of brain power for higher level positions. He is just not a bright man. At all. He's a dumb guy with poor character with all of his excuses and self-serving b.s. He's a failure and a loser. Bad o line coach, bad head coach, bad offensive coordinator, bad guy.

Jeannette should do extra prayers every day for just having had the opportunity to live the NFL lifestyle, since it was so undeserved.

I hope she saved his money.