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Thread: haha another ex phin headcoach to be fired

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    I can not believe he even got a job
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    Post The Don:

    JJ - selling penis enhancement pills
    Wanny - failed as Bears HC b4 being foisted on us by Jimmy, failed subsequently as NCAA Pitt HC and now failing as NFL DC
    Cam - got our HC job by being successful as a MartyBall OC. In over his head with us..basically clueless and then had moderate success with the Ravens before ultimately getting ****-canned
    The Meatball - barely competent as an OL coach without the Tuna in his ear..an embarrassment as team spokesman and as clueless as his present boss!

    No one hates the little dick-tator as much as me but no one can deny that he's a great college HC where he can torment and browbeat boys with relative impunity. To his credit he realized proactively that under the big top he was little more than a mediocre coach and unlike our other losers, left preemptively instead of being toe-tagged and dragged out of Davie feet first.

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