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Thread: haha another ex phin headcoach to be fired

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    I can not believe he even got a job
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    Post The Don:

    JJ - selling penis enhancement pills
    Wanny - failed as Bears HC b4 being foisted on us by Jimmy, failed subsequently as NCAA Pitt HC and now failing as NFL DC
    Cam - got our HC job by being successful as a MartyBall OC. In over his head with us..basically clueless and then had moderate success with the Ravens before ultimately getting ****-canned
    The Meatball - barely competent as an OL coach without the Tuna in his ear..an embarrassment as team spokesman and as clueless as his present boss!

    No one hates the little dick-tator as much as me but no one can deny that he's a great college HC where he can torment and browbeat boys with relative impunity. To his credit he realized proactively that under the big top he was little more than a mediocre coach and unlike our other losers, left preemptively instead of being toe-tagged and dragged out of Davie feet first.

    "Yep. Blow it up. This might the worst team I've ever seen constructed in my life.
    And then you throw in the terrible preparation and in-game coaching. There is no defense.
    But do it right. Fire everyone in the building. No survivors. , JiF Jetnation

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