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Thread: The Immortal, Iconic, Legendary Tony "Moron"o Dedication Thread

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    Tony IMO is a sincerely nice man, but I have no sympathy since he has only his own self-delusion to blame believing he's a legitimate OC, let alone OL position coach. No one but he, set himself up for failure.

    Let him take the money and run to some division 3 or community college in Alaska or Montana. Someone wants to tithe me multiple $7figures for a very public "FAIL' hell, I'm there too and happy to live with the residual stigma.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finfanaz View Post
    Someone who sucked at their job, despite making millions of dollars while destroying our team with his inability to coach, is getting fired and we can't make some jokes at his expense? I don't feel one iota of sadness seeing Sparano fired from his job. You make big money for big results, ones that he couldn't produce. Off the high horse people!

    Bunch of wankers in this thread. Thanks OP for the funny video.
    People get mad he sucked. They should be mad at the person who hired him. He is the root cause of it all. Unfortunately we still have one in the organization and for some reason the owner doesn't want to distance himself from the failed Parcells project.
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    Better people in dire financial situations lose their jobs every day. I feel badly for them.

    But Sparano? If you can't laugh at this buffoon, who can you laugh at?
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