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I think it says more about our fans that when one player has one decent game they come running to Finheaven.com and start complaining about why we let the guy go. Like Anthony Armstrong when he was with Washington, Devin Aromashodu when he had two decent games with Chicago two years ago, Chad Henne when he had one good game this year with the Jags...it seems knee jerk reactions are the norm here.
I am not complaining just seeking others opinions. One of the issues on our offense this year and last year is having a deep threat on the field. Gates when he played in spot duty last year provided that. He played decent on special teams last year to as a KR. Lets face it WR has been our thinnest area all year. You can make the argument that the kid cannot catch the ball but he has caught a couple in NY this year. Soo in conclusion for example do you believe the kid is just to dumb to learn the play book run routes or what. Route running was what I heard the most when he was let go. Anyway when a player who was healthy when he was let go suddenly starts producing somewhere else the question should always be why. Ireland did not draft the kid for this coaching staff either which certainly could be part of the reason. Lack of top speed is definitly not the reason either.