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Im not picking and choosing at all... Am I highlighting the most obviously ludicrous passages? Yes.

You can't ignore what the bible says on certain topics and then accuse others of picking and choosing!

They are Christians because they believe (literally) in the Christian bible... Not because they're a church. They feel that they are doing everyone a favor by warning us of our impending trip to hell... That's where the good will towards men piece comes I for them.

The bible is trash... Written by a bunch of virginal men during the time of the Roman Empire and before. It has some good messages in there, but also has a lot of things in there that are just horrible. WBC exposes Christianity for what it is IMO.
While i don't share your wholesale contempt for the bible, i will say this. Men are fallible, of that there is no doubt. Many people consider Christianity a crutch, and if it is, so what? What Christ embodied and preached during his time on earth was love for one another and forgiveness of each others trespasses. Christianity isn't about the bible, it's about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who came as Lord and Savior. He intercedes with God for us. His teachings were simple and straight forward. Like i said, he fulfilled all the old cannonical laws so we wouldnt have to anymore.

He taught that it wasnt what went into your mouth that made you unclean, it was what came out of it.
He taught that the Sabbath was Holy, but in his passing, the old law is fulfilled and we now live in the time of the Gospel
He taught that even though a woman was a prositute, subject to punishment by death, that the person without sin was the only one to throw the first stone. At that point He forgave her and she repented and followed Him

They are only proclaiming to be Christians, using select passages from the OLD Testament to decry and harrass people they view as sinfull. They ignore Christs examples of reaching out to sinners with love and forgiveness, to encourage the sinner to repent.

The bible has a lot of great messages, even if you don't believe in God or Jesus. There are a lot of worse examples to follow that Jesus my friend.

There is no "Christian" Bible.....Theres the Bible, including the Old Testament and the New Testament. The New Testament is about the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus and his apostles.

Didn't mean to turn this into a Theology discussion. I cant really judge the heart of anyone. But just going by their actions, they in no way embody the message of love and forgiveness that Jesus espoused