This is a interesting question for me. If Rex is let go in New York, would he be someone that could put our D where we want it. I, like the rest of you hate the jets along with Rex so my first thought was NO WAY. The coaching style would be a little different than what Philbin seems to want on his team. Coyle has done a good job with what he has to work with this year and it may help to just keep things the way they are and build with the same system for next year. I dont think I would fire Coyle after one season because like I said he has done well but the idea of Rex Ryan putting that aggresive style D he plays with what seems to be a big time O in progress with Tannehill makes me think. I just hate thinking of wanting a jet but this has me a little torn. I catch myself thinking about it and then I smack myself and realize Coyle has done good. This team is in the right direction so just relax and let this D gel for next year. But then I think a defensive mind like Rex Ryan could really put this D over the top, espeically if we get an upgrade at corner. Try not to bash me to much on this if you can resist it. Just curious on what everyone else thought about it. Think about it for minute before you react.