We have been having a lot of negativity around this place lately....so I wanted to start something to lighten the mood!!

In the Holiday Spirit I went into my closet the other day and started moving my clothes around to make room for the new stuff and to amazement what do I find.......drum roll please............a signed Lorenzo Booker football!!!

It made me think about what else I had...so I started to search for all my Dolphins Gear and I found some pretty old stuff. I have a bunch of jerseys....2-3 Ricky Williams Jerseys, 2-3 Ronnie Brown Jerseys, 1 Sam Madison Jersey, 1 Junior Seau Jersey (the only authentic one I own by the way) and 1 old old early 90's Black Dan Marino Jersey my brother bought me at Marshalls!!! On top of that I had my 2008 Divisional Champs shirt and hat and some other misc. shirts and hats. I also have a bunch of footballs and a Dan Marino action figure.

But the ultimate find of the day was my Miami Dolphins Starter Jacket!!!! Man I forgot I even still had it...it still fit....well like spandex but I got it on!!!

Just out curiosity wondered what kind of Dolphins gear everybody else here had that was either old or just plain interesting.