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This is a common misconception. Scientists are debating exactly why the pills work but have all but ruled out that the pills prevent a fertilized egg from implanting on the uterus. We do know that these pills stop eggs from being released and therefore from being fertilized along with other physiological effects that make pregnancy less likely.

Do some research. I don't think that a fertilized egg is a human but in this debate it doesn't matter since any effects tha this drug would theoretically (as in never observed) have on a fertilized egg are much rarer than its contraceptive effects. The pill does a lot to inhibit conception and there is a push to have the "implantation" effects removed from the FDA description as the science is rapidly mounting against that even being a possibility because of the supposed long time it takes for endometrium cells to mutate in the way necessary to prevent implantation.

Fertilization can take up to 5 days after intercourse and almost never happens instantaneously as most people believe.

Although there tends to be a 200+ year lag time on Christians accepting scientific theories, hopefully you guys will research before wasting the Supreme Court's time in the future.