I've gotten to see Patterson play many times, when he was with Philly. He isn't a bad player and could be useful as a nickel/dime CB for Miami in the future. Sometimes a coach or coaching staff can make a big difference in a players development. Patterson regressed in Cleveland after playing well in Philly, I'm not sure why, but I suspect a difference in coaching. I was surprised Patterson got the call to start after just a few day's of practice. Patterson and McCann are IMHO, products of Coyles magic touch with DB's. Both McCann and Patterson could be to Miami what some of those Bengals DB's were before Coyle worked his wizardry on them. Patterson I think would have to restructure, if he's to stick around beyond 2012. But I really do like how both players have played and think they could be a big part of the solution moving forward. I still think Miami drafts a CB or Safety early in the 2013 draft. But for now I hope Miami has stumbled onto 2 useful players for the future.