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HAHAHHA! so Long is a failed pick because of injury!?!? that's a hoot and a holler. don't ever have kids... I can just imagine you screaming "Failure" as he sits on the football field with a broken ankle. Ryan, as it sits now 12/28/12 is the better choice, only because he has the supporting cast around him to succeed along with the fortune of not having any injuries to hamper his performance... Flip the switch, if Ryan was the one with the nagging injurries and Long is 100% injury free playing at his normal top 1-3 Left Tackle in the league, are we still having this discussion? one more thing, Ryan 100% has yet to do squate in the playoffs...
U miss the whole point of my post and I forgive u because many fans here have to try to find a fault in Ryan. If we had drafted Ryan and 5 years later we were wondering the same thing then I would have the same comment. winning a playoff game or not they have the best record in the NFL after building a team around him and his talents, while we have jettisoned our coach and now seem to be having to let Jake Long go.

I will say again if u draft any player number one overall and when it comes next contract time in 5 years and there is not a definately better resign attached to him then u have failed with that pick. We are talking the number one pick in the draft, thats where u take a guy thats a foundation for your franchise. Jake Long for whatever reason is not that guy

Lets not act like this is the first time Long has been injured or his play hasnt declined