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Thread: My observations after attending my first HOME game last week

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    I've gone to a few Dolphins road games in Oakland and actually sat close to the blackhole section, while the crowd can be intense near the endzones, the stadium is usually empty uptop and it's also
    more of a dump than sunlife stadium.

    If the Dolphins Heiarchy we're to put some thought into this... Re-creating the environment of the old Orange Bowl would be the way to do it. Seats closer to the feild would be a good start.
    When I was a kid the Orange BOWL used to kick ass!! We had the best home feild in the NFL! Something like Seattle has now.... But this new stadium is incredibly generic and bland.
    It lacks the character of the Orange Bowl...

    Another thing is get rid of the stupid Jimmy Buffet song!!!!! Play some 2LIve Crew or something old-school and harder.
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    i went to a jets game a few years ago and it was actually loud, but it was like 65% jets fans. my first game i went to was a steelers game and the stadium was nothing but black jerseys. i honestly dont think anything will change untill we get to a superbowl.
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