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Thread: Sean Smith Games Started to Interception ratio of 21:1 in jeopardy Sunday

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    Quote Originally Posted by PBay Fin Fan View Post
    Shawn Smith brings the Ted Ginn physical style of football to the table. He drops interceptions for fear of getting hit. He is a liability in the run game for the same reason. That being said, he is average at a critical position and would create another hole with his departure.
    agree and disagree.. I think he drops INT's not in fear of getting hit, but more because he can't catch a football. He's a #2 CB on at least 25-30 NFL teams, so for that we should retain him at fair market value pay his #2 CB money, def not FRANCHISE...

    I really hate how so many people simply state how player X stinks and we should replace them with somebody better, as if it's really that easy... brb gonna cut every player on the team, wave magic NFL player upgrade wand and win Superbowl forever and ever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by finfanaz View Post
    That's a troubling stat for sure. It's a shame cause he's got the physical tools to be good. Really hope he's able to turn it around somehow, not seeing us being able to replace all these corners in one year, while also filling our other needs. We needed this guy to turn it up this year...
    He does not have the hips for the position.
    "It happens all the time," Taylor said. "It's not an exact science and personnel guys aren't the end-all, be-all. " Jason Taylor,2011
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    He can't catch because he's not very smart. I saw him try to get up and run with an INT against the Colts, which would have near iced the win at the 40 yard line, but he forgot he had the ball in his hands and dropped it as he was getting up.
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