Well another season about to be over and what has all of this fighting and hatered against each other done? The team is what it is and we cant change that no matter how hard we want to. There has been a lot of bashing over Jeff Ireland and maybe he is doing the very best that he can do it may not be good enough but we as fans cant change that . If Mr Ross is satisfied we have to live with his decisions about the Dolphins because its his money and his team until he sees fit to change it. Everybody has different opinions and thats what makes us the fans that we are,some say they will boycott home games but do they? Some say that they are finished but are they? If you were ever a MIAMI DOLPHINS FAN you cant throw that away its in your blood,because you know what this team has done in the past and we still own the only UNDEFEATED SEASON. So all that we can do is try to come together and hope that MR ROSS can improve this team however he sees fit for next season. So lets beat the hell out of New England sunday and give them something to think about until next season.