I love the idea of our team being the up and coming team, and with 50 million cap and 5 top 100 picks. With the logo change and everything else, this offseason is one to remember.

For those who read my post in the other 2013 offseason + draft post, I redid a couple of things but kept most of it. I felt I should share with the rest of the Finheaven community

Potential Miami Dolphins 2013 Offseason
1) Dion Jordan DE Oregon

2a) Robert Woods USC or Justin Hunter Tenn. WR- Both TREMENDOUS upside with potential to fall to 2nd

2b) Zach Ertz TE Stanford (or bpa seam TE)

3a) Xavier Rhodes CB/FS FSU

3b) Ryan Swope WR Tex A&M

4) Bacarri Rambo FS/SS Georgia (R. Jones teammate, played together for years)

Phillip Thomas FS/SS, Fresno State : Led Nation in Interceptions with 8

5) Xavier Nixon, OT, Florida

6) Tyrann Mathieu CB ex-LSU (Honeybadger) Probably not this far down in draft, great flyer pick though


7) Steve Greer, ILB, Virginia

Greer was very productive in 2012. He had 122 tackles, 7.5 tackles for a loss, two sacks and six passes broken up

Also to add to my draft above:
Dolphins have about $50 mill cap space to work with, if they restructure D. Patterson (CB picked up from waivers) opens up to 55.5 million

Resign :
Bush 3 yrs-5 mill each
Hartline 4 yrs -3.5mill
S. Smith 4 yrs- 4.5 mill
Starks 3 yrs - 5.5 mill
Thigpen 3 yrs - 1.5 mill
OT N. Garner 2 yrs - 2 mill
CB Patterson 3 yrs 1.5 mill (restructuring his deal opens up another 4 mill cap space)
QB Devlin 3 yrs - 1 mill

Unrestricted FAs :
Greg Jennings WR 4 yrs - 6 mill (other than this year, durable, dependable, hard worker with great skill set. Familiar with Philbinís offense, adds marketable player. I can go on and on. He may be older than Wallace or Bowe, but is by far best fit.)
Andy Levitre OG 4 yrs - 4 mill Great inside Pulling guard from Bills. One reason Spiller/f. Jackson have huge holes to run in
Andre Smith OT 2 yrs- 2 mill
Greg Toler CB 3 yrs - 4 mill
Micheal Johnson DE/OLB 4 yrs - 4 mill CIN Bengals -same frame as Dion Jordan... two 6'7'' pass rushers with Vernon AND WAKE... :0

That all adds up to 44.5 mill. With 11 mill left to sign rookies

Makin our Depth chart to look like this :

QB : Tannehill - Devlin

RB : Bush - L. Miller - D. Thomas - M. Thigpen

FB : J. Lane - C. Clay

WR : Jennings - Hartline - Bess - J. Hunter OR R. Woods - R. Swope - R. Matthews

TE : Z. Ertz - C. Clay - M. Egnew

OL : LT- J. Martin - N. Garner. LG - Incognito - IDK lol. C - Pouncey - J. Samuda RG - Andy Levitre - X. Nixon

RT - J. Jerry - A. Smith

FS - Clemons - B. Rambo OR P. Thomas

SS - R. Jones - J. Wilson

CB - S. Smith - G. Toler - R. Marshall (Nickel, his best strength)- T. Mathieu - N. Carroll

I may have focused on secondary a lot but in this passing lg it's very important.

ILB - Dansby - Spitler - S. Greer

OLB - Burnett - Misi - D. Jordan - Micheal Johnson

DT - Starks - Soliai - Odrick

DE - Wake - D. Jordan - M. Johnson - O. Vernon

K - P - Carpenter, Fields

Kick / Punt Return - Thigpen - Mathieu

I obviously understand that thinking ALL this would happen is a stretch, BUT it isn't unrealistic...
Coach Philbin is taking this team in the right direction. We know it, the media knows it, and most importantly the PLAYERS in the NFLknow it. They want to come to an up and coming contender, and I for one am extremely excited for this upcoming off season and next yr!

And I always think of when the Pats played the Giants, and their pass rush was impeccable, I want that for our team


Also, how about the new logo??