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I'd be okay with grabbing Hunter then Woods. Double down? We need secondary help though I like your plan best of all the ones I've seen, except I don't like Greg Toler too much but other than that I like it a lot. I'd get the FS over Rambo just because I was under the impression that he's more of a SS like Jones is already?

*although instead of Swope another option could be Tavon Austin
I definitely like the Tavon Austin idea, I don't know if he will be available that late though. And if not Toler than there is Derek Cox from Jax. I wouldn't want to break the bank though, there Re a lot of good CBs that won't demand as high of a salary.
I do think that it should be a priority for Miami to resign S. Smith. Without him our secondary becomes less than mediocre. We would have nothing going for us, just making more holes.

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