I posted this to Facebook and it was a big hit so I wanted to share:

I wanted to personally thank congress for taking action to prevent further mass shootings and gun violence by banning assault weapons and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. It's refreshing to see Washington finally trying to get meaningful laws passed.

As Senator Feinstein has pointed out, nobody needs an assault rifle for hunting or other legal use. I would like to recommend taking similar action against an equally dangerous product: sports cars.

Dangerous sports cars and motorcycles kill thousands of people every month. Similarly to semi automatic weaponry, nobody (besides police) needs a car that is able to exceed 70 miles per hour. That is the highest posted speed limit in the US and so making vehicles that can exceed this speed is just asking for people to break the law and drive recklessly.

Why does anyone need this kind of speed? Not only are these people breaking the law, they are endangering everyone else on the road around them. On top of these obvious risks, these high horsepower engines are also polluting at a higher rate than normal engines used by responsible commuters everywhere.

I ask that you please consider banning the sale and manufacture of all vehicles over 100 horsepower and all vehicles with an average fuel economy below 30 MPG. You can grandfather in the current cars but must prevent the sale of these death machines. No more innocent children should be killed by these ridiculous contraptions that have no place in reality. These car owners are just living in a childish fantasy world where they think that they might one day need to break the speed limit.

I demand a plan of action to curb the senseless car related deaths that claimed 32000 lives last year. I dont know how many of these deaths are actually attributable to sports cars but, as has been made clear in our plan to reduce gun deaths, that little piece of information really isn't important. America's selfish sports car culture must face the facts. I'm currently recruiting celebrities to make an emotional YouTube video.

After this, I think the next target should be to ban the sale and manufacture of all high calorie soft drinks but alas, let's take this one step at a time. There are 300 million people in this country today and I'm blessed to live in a country where my lawmakers know what's best for each and every one of us. Personal accountability is all well and good but any time that our lawmakers in DC can make us safer by restricting our rights, it truly is a great thing.

Best Regards,