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We declared war on Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia???? People that had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9-11. Keep your "killing innocent people" high horse speech to yourself. I prefer the Bill of Rights. Which by the way upholds and defends my 2nd amendment rights. Obama's power to bomb any country at will??? I can't seem to find that authority......can you???? You're a fake. You're not real. Total facade.
Funny but you described yourself to a T.

All hail the constitution right (for the 2nd amendment)? Let's not touch the constitution. It is the all given law of our country. I guess you would support slavery and you are against the right for women to vote. No? That would make you a hypocrite, false and a fake.

Police state? How brutal our police is. We need less police. Yet you want to fill our schools with the same brutal force of a police state. That makes you a hypocrite, false and a fake.

Government out of our lives yet you want government fund that police force. Hypocrite, false and fake.

You want government out where it benefits you and you want government in where it benefits you. Hypocrite, false and fake.
You want the constitution amended or changed (assuming you support women's right and are against slavery) yet you want it untouched when it comes to the gun rights. Hypocrite, false and a fake.

See, before you run around and call others hypocrites, false, fakes and facades you may want to look at yourself and search if you are so clean and so mighty and above everybody else.