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Thread: Tannehill & the Pump Fake

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    run for your ****ing life ryan

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    other than on double moves developing and implementing a pump fake usually comes with familiarity and comfortableness of your reads as a qb...you don't start manipulating guys usually like that til you feel very comfortable that what you are seeing is true etc...in other words just give it time...it will come...tom brady wasn't head faking and pump faking the defense like he does now his first year...more reps more we'll see it...

    it's in his repertoire
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    hoops scoops 2012 season ..."in 2014 ryan tannehill etches his name in stone amongst the games elite qbs"..."ryan tannehill and andrew luck will carry the afc for the next decade plus the way peyton manning and tom brady have this last decade plus"
    for the love of god get a real freaking mike already!!!
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    Lets get those balls deep!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrhankey81701 View Post
    Pump faking is generally affective on double moves, which we don't seem to run very often since our receivers have no speed to take the top off the defense
    my thought exactly, you use pump fakes if you have guys that can burn safeties, and an o-line that can handle that long of a play.
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