Who will it be in 2013? Jennings already knows he's not resigning in GB. Bowe wants out and is from Miami. Pittsburgh will let Wallace walk if history has proven anything for that franchise.


Jennings is the oldest and has played with the best talent (arguably). He obviously fits Philbin's offense as he produced well in his system will the Fins be paying big $$$ for a guy that will most likely play around 13 games per year? Will his best asset, his speed, start to decline as injuries mount? In my opinion, he is the highest risk/highest reward of the 3.

Bowe is a Miami native who I feel could really play well back in his hometown. Bowe was THE receiver in KC so he knows how to be the man and take the double teams. He will definitely benefit from having Hartline/Bess/top draft pick? lining up next to him. Is he a Philbin guy though? Does he have enough speed to flourish in this offense? He could be a great redzone threat for us with his size. He presents a low risk/high reward in my opinion and he's my guy.

Wallace is your prototypical deep threat. He's the fastest receiver in football and would immediately make the Dolphins offense much more dynamic. This would open up the running lanes as teams wouldn't be able to stack the box nearly as much as they have in the past. This offense would have the "aquaun threat" in the passing game this team has been severely lacking. He might be a headcase? Will demand top dollar although he might overvalue himself (what player wouldn't). Although it could be argued that he does not fit in Philbin's system, it's not as if this team would somehow struggle to get him the ball. He is also the youngest. I see him as a low risk/high reward however from a cost-effective standpoint, I see him at a poor value as he is more one-dimensional then the other 2 receivers on the list.

If Jennings was not so injury-prone, I'd say Jennings would be our guy but with him dealing with injuries that may slow him down, I think Bowe should be our guy. Thoughts?