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Jenning is best fit for offense but feel he isn't Elite. He is very good just don't see him Elite. low risk and low reward making it safe

Wallace is a home run hit but also a one trick pony and the good defenses take him out easy. Highest risk and medium reward for the occasional big play but when u need a first or need that corner end zone TD catch I don't see him making the catches sorry.

Bowe is the only player that at full energy of his skills is the most dominant but doesn't say much if he doesn't believe and giving
him tons of money to see him lose faith if we lose would just be horrible. I feel he is the medium risk but higher reward if it works.

I hope that we find that WR young talent we need in is years draft FINALLY cuz I hate paying these Divas big cash
So greg isn't elite but wallace is a homerun hit? The only thing wallace has over jennings is speed. And when jennings is healthy he's always been a top 10 WR. Jennings easily the most skilled but oldest, Wallace with the most speed and youngest, Bowe being the most physical and 1 year younger than jennings.