im not gonna post it on here cause it is NSFW language....but if you question jennings, then just go to youtube and put in greg jennings putting team on back. dwayne bowe doesnt put the team on his back, mike wallace doesnt put the team on his back.

but in all honestly, i know we need the homerun threat, but jennings knows the offense and has shown he can be successful in it, at that to bess being a beast in the middle routes, and hartline being a beast on the sideline routes i see jennings would open things up something awesome. plus if hartline and bess were playing their natural positions of 2-3 recievers instead of 1-2 i believe it would make the offense that much better. i know we dont have the TD stats we'd like to see from our WR's but it isnt completely from lack of not having a redzone threat. it seems on the PA bootleg inside the 5 tannehill is working it pretty good now finding the rb or te. i would have no objection to bringing in bowe, we need to upgrade, he is def alot more physical than anything we have on roster. i think its also been mentioned that philbin comes from a system that doesnt put high priority on drafting wr's high in draft. so even if a cant miss wr is sitting there at our pick in first three picks, dont be surprised if we still draft elsewhere. once again picking up in making the 4th and 6th round. one being used on a wallace molded wr, one being molded in a bowe type reciever.

regardless as much as we feel different, the people in the front office and with the headsets on know more about and more details on all these players, so ill just go with whatever decision they make, unless its bringing naanee back....i cursed the heavens when we aquired him...that was a decision i knew more about :-) have a great final fins sunday all