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Thread: Armon Binns , Does he could be solid WR for us ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by datruth55 View Post
    I worry that Ireland looks at Binns the way he looked at Legadu Naanee (incidently Omar has been pumping up Binns lately like he did Naanee in camp) and decides the WR corp is solved with his addition and doesn't address WR in free agency or the draft.
    We all have our personal opinions of Ireland, and I do put tons of blame on him for this teams 's recent woes...but I do not think any GM in this league, considering our situation, would have that mindset. If so, they belong absolutely no where near anything resembling the sport of football.
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    Yes he can..but ireland is such a cheapo that he would not go after a big name just to rely on a waiver wire acorn..damn ty hilton is getting better and better,....thanks jeff ireland.
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