I've been mostly lurking for the last couple of years, but I thought I'd breakdown my observations having watched every minute of every game this year.

Tannehill: He does some things really well. He has a big arm. Seam passes and the deep out are his best throws. What concerns me is that he throws a lousy over the top ball. Anything he has to drop into the receiver is just not there. Whether it is the deep ball or even a shorter pass, he just doesn't seem to have that touch. It is pretty disappointing when you watch RG3 and Russell Wilson do it so well. I suppose fairness requires us to point out the window with our receivers is never all that big, but still its been there at times and he has missed it almost every time. He does have good feet, and its only year one.

O-Line: Is an embarrassment to football. I just watched a blitzing CB bull rush our left tackle of the future and sack our QB. Let me say that again. A CB blitz, the left tackle saw the blitz and was overpowered. Nate Garner would be one of the worst RT I have every seen, but I did see Marc Columbo last year. Richie Incognito isn't so much bad as he is limited with the agility of of a turtle. John Jerry? At times I almost believe he can play, then he reminds me that he can't. I know it is not popular to criticize Pouncy. He is not bad. But, I refuse to praise him like so many here want to do. Is he solid? Yes. He is also very agile for his size, can get to the second level and makes good choices on double teams and reading the DL. But, he does get overpowered by the bigger and stronger D-tackles. He also doesn't dominate on the run block like a Dwight Stevenson. I think he is fine, but all the praise seems much to me. If he were blowing holes in the DL, I'd praise him too, but I don't see that in his play.

WR/TE: What really needs to be said here anymore. I have finally given up on Marlon Moore. He had his shot. Binns? Sigh. Hartline is ok. Bess is good in the slot. The rest I don't even want to remember. Fasano is a decent NFL TE. No real speed, and inconsistent hands, but he can block a little.

RB: I really want to like Reggie Bush and he is sure great every now and then. BUt, he's not my kind of running back. I want a guy that gets a yard or two after contact, especially with our OL. Bush does try to hit it up between the tackles, but he just doesn't move a pile. I was reminded that small backs can do that when we were again embarrassed by CJ Spiller. But, Reggie Bush is just not that guy. With that said, I wouldn't really complain to see him back. For all the bad press he gets, the man has been a leader and he certainly gives his all on the field. Lamar Miller has nice running instincts.

DL: They have actually been pretty good this year. You can't throw out the whole year because they were terrible in NE. Not great pass rushers except for Wake. Starks was surprisingly quiet this year. Odrick had moments, but not enough of them. I like Solia. Vernon showed some things. Loved the play with him running down Spiller all the way down field. That's a competitor. We could use a few more of them.

LB: Dansby was actually pretty good, as was Burnett. Both are good linebackers. The problem is we could use a great one. A guy that makes games changing plays. Neither really does that, but both are good players. Misi? Not much from him.

DBs: Actually held up better than I thought they would. Smith was the real disappointment. This was his year to prove he is a number 1. He is not. If someone offers him number 1 money he should take it and thank his lucky stars. Carrol was far better than I expected. Some good young players here. I thought Patterson was actually not bad in the brief tryout he had with us. WIsh as a group though they could intercept a pass or two. Jones got a lot of praise, and I think he deserved it. Had an excellent year.

ST: Mediocre. Except for the Jets game, the special times were not where they should be. Fields is an excellent punter. Might even be one of our best players.

Coaching: Every fan hates the play calling of their team, but I think Sherman is remarkably unimaginative. Watching New England and how they move the receivers around to create mismatches is depressing when you see how static we tend to be. We have Reggie Bush a great broken field runner, how many screen passes do you remember? I was curious how Philbin would prepare the team in a meaningless game. I wanted to see if he could motivate the team and get them playing good football to end the season. That was not a good sign. The team checked out pretty soon after kickoff. No fire. No pride. No self respect. That's sad.

GM: We spent 3 first rounders on the OL in recent memory (Carey, Long, Pouncy) and the OL is a mess of significant proportions. The offense lacks punch, the defense has almost no play makers. Not good.

So another season in the books. I'm not angry. I'm tired. I'm tired of waiting for this franchise to get its act together. Not only were we not a good team. We were not a fun team to watch. It is ugly football and losing football and its been that way for a while now. I'm getting tired of watching it.