Some random thoughts for this offseason - random thoughts - most seem to point back to my disdain for our FO:

1. We don't have a single UFA worthy of the Franchise Tag. Why use it? We'll only wind up paying a solid player elite money. That's how you get into cap trouble in the first place.

2. The Vontae Davis trade is another terrible move - and we haven't even used the pick yet! The best that pick can be is the 53rd in the draft or thereabout. By the way, Davis has 3 picks, 5 passes defensed and 9 tackles in his last 2 games for the Colts. We don't have a CB on our roster that has ever had back to back games with picks in their careers...

3. It's sad to see all the debate over whether to bring Bush back or not. I like Reggie a lot and I want him on the roster next year. But the fact that this is even a discussion just highlights how pathetic we are at the skill positions.

4. Jake Long - are we sure that someone is going to offer him big money? Given his injury problems, lackluster play and overall ineptness the past 2 seasons why wouldn't we try to bring him back for like, say, $5 million a year? Seems to me the importance of the LT has diminished over the past few years given the athleticism at the QB position nowadays. If I sound like I am contradicting myself here I am. I want Long back - but at realistic money. Too many first round picks wasted on LTs the past 10 years of so - Wade, Carey, Long, Martin (if Long goes). You never get ahead by running on a treadmill every 4-5 years.

5. "We have picks and money" - LMFAO!!! So we have 2 extra picks on the first 3 rounds - woo hoo!!! Guaranteed they are going to be home runs right? NE seems to have this many picks every year and they only get it right SOME of the time. What has Ireland done to give us any hope that we will have a great draft? Taken Ordick instead of Dez "is your mom a prostitute" Bryant? Koa Mississippi instead of Gronkowski? Taken Pat White ahead of everyone we drafted before from rounds 2-7? Name one game-breaker (which the league is all about now) he's drafted since he's been here? Taken Jake Long over Matt Ryan? We had 4 picks in the first 3 rounds this year - we took Eggnoodle with the Marshall pick - we got good value, right? I don't need another poor draft to be satisfied that I think he sucks @ss.

6. Ryan Tannehill - Don't get me wrong, I am a fan. But he is still very raw. 3 rookie QBs led their teams to the playoffs this year. Granted, Luck and Griffin are very special players but let's not overlook the fact that Russell Wilson was a 3rd round pick and it's not like Seattle has a bunch of world beaters at the skill position on their rosters either. For me, jury is still out on RT - he's better than Henne, Beck, White, etc - but can he be the face of the franchise - I am hopeful and "half full" on this. However, I wish I was "completely full" as I am when I watch the other guys I mentioned.

7. Daniel Thomas - do we give up on this perpetually concussed, fumbling machine? Remember, we traded up to get this guy - he was going to be our "big back". For a "big back" he sure gets knocked into next week an awful lot.

Am I being too negative? It's hard to be objective given that we basically did the same as last year and our roster still is devoid of any "star power"...