Fortunately, Buffalo is considered a pretty crap opportunity, which is how Gailey got the job in the first place. Definitely seems like they'll be hiring a low level retread of the Norv Turner variety, which would be fine by me. Ken Whisenhunt is another option, but he's actually a good coach, unfortunately. Reid would be a disaster for us. He had a bad year this year but he's a fantastic coach.

Adam Schefter had an interesting speculation that because Shad Khan has lived for a lot of his life in Chicago and is/was a big fan of the Bears, he might make a big push for Lovie Smith. Somehow I doubt it, though. Anyone who coaches there is going to have to sign off on trading for and starting Tim Tebow, which will severely limit their options. Mike McCoy is too hot a coaching prospect to go there.

Should be interesting to watch.