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Eric Cantor. One hell of a guy.

Once this thing blows up and the Republicans generally are blamed for what the House Republicans are doing, Cantor's going to be getting some fresh bags of poop in the mail from the Senate Republican leadership.

A quote from a different Reuters story sums it up pretty well:


If I'm Obama I'm pulling this deal off the table and going for even better terms every hour of the day tomorrow and the next day and however long it takes. I'm also prepping a nationally televised speech explaining this, holding up a picture of Cantor's face while the "fail horn" from the Price is Right plays over and over.
so you think raising taxes (adding to the debt by 4 trillion), and not cutting spending, is a good solution? Obama himself, said raising taxes in this economy was a bad idea. I hate to see what your bank account looks like if you think this is a good fiscal policy.