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Thread: Dream Draft (Post Yours)

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    Quote Originally Posted by datruth55 View Post
    It seems some of you don't even know what picks we have in the draft. As of today:

    1st (12th overall)
    2nd (42 overall)
    2nd (57'ish overall...from Colts for Vontae Davis, final spot determined by Colts post season)
    3rd (77th overall)
    3rd (82nd overall...from Chicago for Brandon Marshall)
    4th (not determined yet because compensatory picks have not been given which start at the end of the 3rd round)
    5th (see explanation for 4th)
    6th (see explanation for 4th...conditional pick from Colts for Vontae Davis)
    7th (see explanation for 4th)
    7th (see explanation for 4th...(from Dallas for Ryan Cook)

    I also expect us to get at least one conditional pick in the 6th or 7th round for the free agents lost last year but those conditional picks are always iffy.
    Before you get too upset with us all, according to the main forum, we won't get the 6th for Davis as he didn't have enough appearances to trigger it. Not sure of the source.
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    [QUOTE=SF Dolphin Fan;1064550615]

    (A) F/A SIGNINGS--WALLACE, JENNINGS, AVRIL, and Best G in F/A. All doable w/o J LONG and some other $Million "deadwood".

    (B) F/A KEEPERS--STARKS , HARTLINE, SMITH, BUSH, CLEMMONS. Others are nothing more than options available to MIAMI.

    (C) DRAFT:

    1. MOORE/MINGO/JORDAN--I don't trade up here, and pass-rushing ability is paramount.

    2a. TRUFANT--We need a solid CB . He'll do nicely.

    2b. ERTZ--I consider HIM to be the best TE in this draft class. He suffers only because his team isn't rated #1, i/m/o.

    3a. K LONG--I dropped him to 3a ONLY to fit in ERTZ at 2b: I was somewhat reserved about him until SF pointed out his "bloodlines". I like bloodlines!

    3b. ALFORD--Doubling down on CBs, and drafting to beat N.E.! Besides, he looks very solid.

    4. G JACKSON--A big and fairly mobile G, who might be special at even a slightly lesser weight (maybe 310-315). Must keep Tannehill standing up.

    5. Best DE still available. (Can switch w/6)

    6. Best OLman still available. (Can switch w/5)

    7. "FLYER"--Maybe even a K!!! Hey, JEFF: here's your chance to "make yo' fame", dude! Let's see a HR!
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