Now I am not really the type to look at a youtube video and declare a player a hall of famer, Chad Henne could be made to look like Tom Brady on youtube. However watch this video of Greg Jennings, just look what he will offer our offense. And I don't just mean the strength, speed, intelligence or route running, no what makes Jennings special is his hands. Put the ball in the guys general area and its a reception.

What has made life difficult for Tannehill this season is that to find a receiver he nearly always needs to throw a perfect pass, if Jennings had been on the field this season a lot of those passes that nearly resulted in long yardage would have been completed. Sure some on here want Wallace, I wont complain if we get Wallace over Jennings (though I don't want Bowe) but looking at what Jennings offers makes me drool.

He is also an intelligent leader off and on the field, in the training facility he will have a lot to offer Tannehill and the other young players. Jennings is not young but he could play in our offense for 5/6 years without breaking a sweat. He is the emboyment of a Joe Philbin player, if this guy wants to come to Miami for 8/9 Million a season you don't even negotiate you pay the man and smile about it during the entire flight back to Miami.

Jennings has been talked about a lot on this forum recently. Its about time it was bluntly said; Mr Ross, make signing this man the main priority of this club between now and the draft.

Oh and if you want to know how he feels about playing for Joe? Just listen to this