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I think there might be a little bit of a disconnect between the way NFL teams are thinking on Jarvis Jones and the way the public is thinking on him. Medical issues are generally difficult for those outside of the NFL to get their arms around, and actually pretty difficult for those in the NFL too. There will be a lot of poking and prodding around Jarvis Jones' neck before the Combine and the results of those tests are unknown to me and unknown to everyone else in the wide universe.

However, it speaks poorly that USC flat out told him he should quit football to where he had to go transfer somewhere else. That's an ouch. I'm not saying NFL teams will look and conclude he needs to quit football. But for his spinal stenosis to be bad enough that USC would make that conclusion, you know it's not some total non-issue. And if it's not a total non-issue it would tend to drop a guy out of the 1st round completely. You could even see him take a drop similar to Da'Quan Bowers.

I'm not a doctor and I don't even play one on TV. But I do know Marcus McNeil was a pretty good left tackle prospect who dropped out of the 1st round because of spinal stenosis. It didn't stop him from being damn near rookie of the year for the Chargers. However, the stenosis won before the end of his 6th year in the NFL, and he is now retired.
Yeah I have heard about that... that is why I dropped him to #6.. top 5 player in the class? without a doubt.. that being said I have no idea how the medical will check out