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Tyler Eifert is an elite TE. Far better college prospect then Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski.... before you grab your pitch forks remember that they have Drew Brees and Tom Brady throwing them the ball
Rob was a highly touted but his injury dropped his stock. A lot of TE's were better prospects then J.Graham and didn't turn out to be half as good as he is.....so I really don't get your point.

I'm not taking a TE 12 overall not when most good to great ones have been taken later and teams use 2/3 of them anyways. Outside of V.Davis name a 1st round TE that is a difference maker in the NFL today.

Pettigrew sucks bigtime, I've never seen a TE drop so many easy passes.
Gresham is a good TE but no real difference maker.
H.Miller is solid all around TE but was selected 30th, and does H.Miller scare you in games, no.
Dallas Clark was a beast but was also selected late (24th)
No thanks to all these guys with our 1st round pick.

I'll gladly wait until the 2nd, 3rd or 4th round to select a TE.

I'll take a pass rusher or CB with our 1st thanks.