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No doubt he could be a great player....... however..

#12 pick.. id perfer to move up... instead of move back... ( you move back and he gets picked up before your pick.... dumb)

picking TE in the first round to me is a luxury pick.... id perfer to Dolphins to sign J. Finley (likely to be released) .... and upgrade the TE position without using a draft pick.

Go DE at #12...to start play opposite Wake ... get more pressure on the QB.

sign a veteran TE and WR to be playmakers on offense.......
Eifert has a chance of being special, and dominant in Miami's offense, Finley hasn't been dominant for a while now. Eifert has proven to be a weapon while being a team player, Finley has not been much of a team player lately. Eifert really could be special tyt pe of player, and even taking him at 12, would not upset me....we need playmakers on offense, and he is going to be one in a huge way.