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You do realize they went to the same school?!? Or are you trying to say that the SEC is better than the Pros? Either way... Epic fail
Haha. This was a&m's first year in the sec. They were in the big 12 when tannehill was there with the crap defenses the big 12 has. Epic fail dude, and youre in the draft forum.

Manziel brett favres the field. Hes a pimp. Hes 6' 1", 1 inch shorter than Aaron rodgers, brett favre, and 3 inches taller than Russell wilson. He is accurate, not sure why people think hes inaccurate. He just broke cam newtons sec rushing record, and people thought cams rushing wouldnt translate to the nfl. He led his team to alabamas only loss. I love the way hes fired up on the sideline motivating his teammates to not give up. Thats a leader. A 19 year old leader.

Hes currently the #1 rated qb for 2014 according to nfl draft scout.